function: ความหมายและคำอธิบายความหมาย


function คืออะไร

function คืออะไร

  • The action for which a person or thing is particularly fitted or employed.
  • Assigned duty or activity.
  • A specific occupation or role: in my function as chief editor.
  • An official ceremony or a formal social occasion.
  • Something closely related to another thing and dependent on it for its existence, value, or significance: Growth is a function of nutrition.
  • Mathematics A variable so related to another that for each value assumed by one there is a value determined for the other.
  • Mathematics A rule of correspondence between two sets such that there is a unique element in the second set assigned to each element in the first set.
  • Biology The physiological activity of an organ or body part.
  • Chemistry The characteristic behavior of a chemical compound, resulting from the presence of a specific functional group.
  • Computer Science A procedure within an application.
  • To have or perform a function; serve: functioned as ambassador.