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Qué es snuff?

Qué es snuff?

  • To inhale (something) audibly through the nose; sniff.
  • To sense or examine by smelling; sniff at.
  • To sniff; inhale.
  • The act of snuffing or the sound produced by it; a snuffle.
  • The charred portion of a candlewick.
  • To extinguish: snuffed out the candles.
  • To put a sudden end to: lives that were snuffed out by car accidents.
  • Slang To kill; murder.
  • To cut off the charred portion of (a candlewick).
  • A preparation of finely pulverized tobacco that can be drawn up into the nostrils by inhaling. Also called smokeless tobacco.
  • The quantity of this tobacco that is inhaled at a single time; a pinch.
  • A powdery substance, such as a medicine, taken by inhaling.
  • To use or inhale snuff.
  • up to snuff Informal Normal in health.
  • up to snuff Informal Up to standard; adequate.

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