Definitions English

  • A small, slender implement used for sewing or surgical suturing, made usually of polished steel and having an eye at one end through which a length of thread is passed and held.
  • Any one of various other implements, such as one used in knitting or crocheting.
  • Een slanke stuk juweel of staal gebruikt voor het verzenden van trillingen van de groeven van een fonograaf record.
    A slender piece of jewel or steel used to transmit vibrations from the grooves of a phonograph record.
  • A slender pointer or indicator on a dial, scale, or similar part of a mechanical device.
  • A magnetic needle.
  • A hypodermic needle.
  • Informal A hypodermic injection; a shot.
  • Chiefly Upper Northern U.S. See dragonfly. See Regional Note at dragonfly.
  • A narrow stiff leaf, as those of conifers.
  • A fine, sharp projection, as a spine of a sea urchin or a crystal.
  • A sharp-pointed instrument used in engraving.
  • Informal A goading, provoking, or teasing remark or act.
  • To prick, pierce, or stitch with a small, slender, sharp-pointed implement.
  • Informal To goad, provoke, or tease.
  • Slang To increase the alcoholic content of (a beverage).
  • To sew or do similar work with a small, slender, sharp-pointed implement.