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What is wraping?

What is wraping?

  • To arrange or fold (something) about as cover or protection: She wrapped her fur coat closely about herself.
  • To cover, envelop, or encase, as by folding or coiling something about: wrapped my head in a scarf.
  • To enclose, especially in paper, and fasten: wrap a package; wrapped up the peelings.
  • To clasp, fold, or coil about something: She wrapped her arms about his neck.
  • To move (text that will not fit on a line) automatically to the following line.
  • To envelop and obscure: Fog wrapped the city.
  • To surround or involve in a specified quality or atmosphere: The plan was wrapped in secrecy.
  • To engross: She was wrapped in thought.
  • To coil or twist about or around something: The flag wrapped around the pole.
  • To be moved automatically to the following line upon reaching a margin. Used of text.
  • To put on warm clothing. Usually used with up.
  • To conclude filming: The movie is scheduled to wrap next week.
  • A garment to be wrapped or folded about a person, especially an outer garment such as a robe, cloak, shawl, or coat.
  • A blanket.
  • A wrapping or wrapper.
  • A flatbread, such as a tortilla or lavash, rolled around a filling. Also called roll-up.
  • The completion of filming on a movie.
  • To bring to a conclusion; settle finally or successfully: wrap up a business deal.
  • To summarize; recapitulate.
  • Completely immersed or absorbed in: She is wrapped up in her studies.

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