Definitions English


  • Situat o col locats sota l'alçada normal: un baix llums.
    Situated or placed below normal height: a low lighting fixture.
  • Situat sota les superfícies dels voltants: de peu en llocs baixos de l'aigua.
    Situated below the surrounding surfaces: water standing in low spots.
  • Mort i enterrat.
    Dead and buried.
  • Tallar per mostrar de l'usuari coll i el pit; Décolleté: un escot baix.
    Cut to show the wearer's neck and chest; décolleté: a low neckline.
  • Near or at the horizon: The sun is low in the sky.
  • Close or closer to a reference point: was low in the offensive zone, near the goal.
  • Linguistics Produced with part or all of the tongue depressed, as a, pronounced (ä), in father. Used of vowels.
  • Of less than usual or average depth; shallow: The river is low.
  • Humble in status or character; lowly: of low birth.
  • Biology Of relatively simple structure in the scale of living organisms.
  • Unrefined; coarse: low humor.
  • Violating standards of morality or decency; base: a low stunt to pull. See Synonyms at mean2.
  • Lacking strength or vigor; weak.
  • Lacking liveliness or good spirits; discouraged or dejected.
  • Below average in degree, intensity, or amount: a low temperature.
  • Below an average or a standard: low wages; a low level of communication.
  • Ranked near the beginning of an ascending series or scale: a low number; a low grade of oil.
  • Relating to or being latitudes nearest to the equator.
  • Relatively small. Used of a cost, price, or other value: a low fee; a low income.
  • Having a pitch corresponding to a relatively small number of sound-wave cycles per second.
  • Not loud; soft: a low murmur.
  • Being near total depletion: My savings account is low.
  • Not adequately provided or equipped; short: low on supplies.