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General questions about Tradukka

What is Tradukka?

Tradukka is an all around tool that currently helps more than 4 million users per month. It started as a translator and now it is a diversified suite of 4 tools. You can find more in the about section.

How can I get in touch?

You can contact us through the contact form if you have a question that is not listed here, or if you want to make a suggestion or report a problem with the service.

Who uses Tradukka?

Millions of users from around the world visit and trust on a monthly basis. You can see a list of people that recommend this service by becoming a part of our facebook community.

Are there keyboard shortcuts?

  • Escape to reset the forms to start a new search for anything.
  • Tab to change focus between inputs.
  • Return to submit data on any forms.

Can I get rid of the banner ads?

Yes. Register and subscribe to the Tradukka Pro version to remove all the banners, and also get other benefits.

Unit converter

Which are the available categories for conversion?

  • Temperature: kelvin, celsius, fahrenheit…
  • Weight and mass: poundal, picogram, gigagram…
  • Distance and length: nautical mile, point, link…
  • Area: square perch, square hectometer, square rod…
  • Volume and capacity: quart (UK), teaspoon (US), tablespoon (metric)…
  • Speed and velocity: mile/minute, yard/minute, meter/minute…
  • Power: horsepower (metric), nanojoule/second, gigajoule/second…
  • Energy: gram-force meter, nanojoule, gigaton…
  • Pressure: gram-force/square centimeter, kilogram-force/square centimeter, pound-force/square foot…
  • Force: decinewton, femtonewton, micronewton…
  • Time: nanosecond, shake, millisecond…
  • Storage: megabyte, exabyte, kilobyte…

Is there any way to quickly convert values using the URL?

Yes. You can use this schema:


Which are the available currencies?

How regularly will you update the currency exchange rates?

Currency exchange rates are updated every 15 minutes automatically.

Where do the exchange rates come from?

Open Exchange Rates API collects all the exchange rates from various reliable providers.

Do you have historical exchange rates as well?

The historical rates archives are available since 1st January, 1999.

Is there any way to quickly convert currencies using the URL?

Yes. You can use this schema:

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