would: kelime anlamı ve tanımları

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would nedir?

would nedir?

  • Used to express desire or intent: She said she would meet us at the corner.
  • Used to express a wish: Would that we had gone with you!
  • Used after a statement of desire, request, or advice: I wish you would stay.
  • Used to make a polite request: Would you go with me?
  • Used in the main clause of a conditional statement to express a possibility or likelihood: If I had enough money, I would buy a car. We would have gone to the beach, had the weather been good. See Usage Note at if.
  • Used to express presumption or expectation: That would be Steve at the door.
  • Used to indicate uncertainty: He would seem to be getting better.
  • Used to express repeated or habitual action in the past: Every morning we would walk in the garden.

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