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Co je visit?

Co je visit?

  • To call on socially: visit friends.
  • To go to see or spend time at (a place) with a certain intent: visit a museum; visited London.
  • To stay with as a guest.
  • To go to see in an official or professional capacity: visited the dentist; a priest visiting his parishioners.
  • To go or come to: visits the bank on Fridays.
  • To go to see in order to aid or console: visit the sick and dying.
  • To make itself known to or seize fleetingly: was visited by a bizarre thought.
  • To afflict or assail: A plague visited the village.
  • To inflict punishment on or for; avenge: The sins of the ancestors were visited on their descendants.
  • To make a visit.
  • Informal To converse or chat: Stay and visit with me for a while.
  • The act or an instance of visiting a person, place, or thing.
  • A stay or sojourn as a guest.
  • The act of visiting in a professional capacity.
  • The act of visiting in an official capacity, such as an inspection or examination.

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