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What is tooth?

What is tooth?

  • One of a set of hard, bonelike structures rooted in sockets in the jaws of vertebrates, typically composed of a core of soft pulp surrounded by a layer of hard dentin that is coated with cementum or enamel at the crown and used for biting or chewing food or as a means of attack or defense.
  • A similar structure in invertebrates, such as one of the pointed denticles or ridges on the exoskeleton of an arthropod or the shell of a mollusk.
  • A projecting part resembling a tooth in shape or function, as on a comb, gear, or saw.
  • A small, notched projection along a margin, especially of a leaf. Also called dent2.
  • A rough surface, as of paper or metal.
  • Something that injures or destroys with force. Often used in the plural: the teeth of the blizzard.
  • Effective means of enforcement; muscle: "This . . . puts real teeth into something where there has been only lip service” ( Ellen Convisser).
  • Taste or appetite: She always had a sweet tooth.
  • To furnish (a tool, for example) with teeth.
  • To make a jagged edge on.
  • To become interlocked; mesh.
  • get Slang To be actively involved in; get a firm grasp of.
  • show To express a readiness to fight; threaten defiantly.
  • to the teeth Lacking nothing; completely: armed to the teeth; dressed to the teeth.

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