together: ความหมายและคำอธิบายความหมาย


together คืออะไร

together คืออะไร

  • In or into a single group, mass, or place: We gather together.
  • In or into contact: The cars crashed together. She mixed the chemicals together.
  • In association with or in relationship to one another; mutually or reciprocally: getting along together.
  • By joint or cooperative effort: We ironed the entire load of clothes together.
  • Regarded collectively; in total: She is worth more than all of us together. Considered together, the proposals made little sense.
  • In or into a unified structure or arrangement: put the food processor together.
  • Simultaneously: The bells rang out together.
  • In harmony or accord: We stand together on this issue.
  • Informal Into an effective, coherent condition: Get yourself together.
  • Slang Emotionally stable and effective in performance: She's really together.
  • Slang In tune with what is going on; hip.
  • get Slang To unify and harmonize one's resources so as to perform with maximal effectiveness.