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What is there?

What is there?

  • Nonstandard Used for emphasis between a demonstrative adjective meaning "that” or "those” and a noun: No one is sitting at that there table. Them there beans ought to be picked.
  • That place or point: stopped and went on from there.
  • At or in that place: sit over there.
  • To, into, or toward that place: wouldn't go there again.
  • At that stage, moment, or point: Stop there before you make any more mistakes.
  • In that matter: I can't agree with him there.
  • Used to introduce a clause or sentence: There are numerous items. There must be another exit.
  • Used to indicate an unspecified person in direct address: Hello there.
  • Used especially for emphasis after the demonstrative pronoun that or those, or after a noun modified by the demonstrative adjective that or those: That person there ought to know the directions to town.
  • Used to express feelings such as relief, satisfaction, sympathy, or anger: There, now I can have some peace!

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