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Apa itu tail?

Apa itu tail?

  • The posterior part of an animal, especially when elongated and extending beyond the trunk or main part of the body.
  • The bottom, rear, or hindmost part: the tail of a shirt.
  • The rear end of a wagon or other vehicle.
  • The rear portion of the fuselage of an aircraft.
  • An assembly of stabilizing planes and control surfaces in this rear portion.
  • The vaned rear portion of a bomb or missile.
  • An appendage to the rear or bottom of a thing: the tail of a kite.
  • The long luminous stream of gas and dust forced from the head of a comet when it is close to the sun.
  • A braid of hair; a pigtail.
  • Something that follows or takes the last place: the tail of a journey.
  • A train of followers; a retinue.
  • The end of a line of persons or things.
  • The short closing line of certain stanzas of verse.
  • The refuse or dross remaining from processes such as distilling or milling.
  • Printing The bottom of a page; the bottom margin.
  • The side of a coin not having the principal design and the date. Often used in the plural with a singular verb.
  • Informal The trail of a person or an animal in flight.
  • Informal A person assigned or employed to follow and report on someone else's movements and actions: The police put a tail on the suspected drug dealer.
  • A formal evening costume typically worn by men.
  • A tailcoat.
  • Slang The buttocks.
  • Vulgar Slang A sexual partner, especially a woman.
  • Of or relating to a tail or tails: tail feathers.
  • Situated in the tail, as of an airplane: a tail gunner.
  • To provide with a tail: tail a kite.

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