style: ความหมายและคำอธิบายความหมาย


style คืออะไร

style คืออะไร

  • The way in which something is said, done, expressed, or performed: a style of speech and writing.
  • The combination of distinctive features of literary or artistic expression, execution, or performance characterizing a particular person, group, school, or era.
  • Sort; type: a style of furniture.
  • A quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one's actions and tastes: does things with style.
  • A comfortable and elegant mode of existence: living in style.
  • A mode of living: the style of the very rich.
  • The fashion of the moment, especially of dress; vogue.
  • A particular fashion: the style of the 1920s. See Synonyms at fashion.
  • A customary manner of presenting printed material, including usage, punctuation, spelling, typography, and arrangement.
  • A form of address; a title.
  • An implement used for etching or engraving.
  • A slender pointed writing instrument used by the ancients on wax tablets.
  • The needle of a phonograph.
  • The gnomon of a sundial.
  • Botany The usually slender part of a pistil, situated between the ovary and the stigma.
  • Zoology A slender, tubular, or bristlelike process: a cartilaginous style.
  • Medicine A surgical probing instrument; a stylet.
  • Obsolete A pen.
  • To call or name; designate: George VI styled his brother Duke of Windsor.
  • To make consistent with rules of style: style a manuscript.
  • To give style to: style hair.