strong: significato e definizioni

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Cos'è strong?

Cos'è strong?

  • Physically powerful; capable of exerting great physical force.
  • Marked by great physical power: a strong blow to the head.
  • In good or sound health; robust: a strong constitution; a strong heart.
  • Economically or financially sound or thriving: a strong economy.
  • Having force of character, will, morality, or intelligence: a strong personality.
  • Having or showing ability or achievement in a specified field: students who are strong in chemistry.
  • Capable of the effective exercise of authority: a strong leader.
  • Capable of withstanding force or wear; solid, tough, or firm: a strong building; a strong fabric.
  • Having great binding strength: a strong adhesive.
  • Not easily captured or defeated: a strong flank; a strong defense.
  • Not easily upset; resistant to harmful or unpleasant influences: strong nerves; a strong stomach.
  • Having force or rapidity of motion: a strong current.
  • Persuasive, effective, and cogent: a strong argument.
  • Forceful and pointed; emphatic: a strong statement.
  • Forthright and explicit, often offensively so: strong language.
  • Extreme; drastic: had to resort to strong measures.
  • Having force of conviction or feeling; uncompromising: strong faith; a strong supporter.
  • Intense in degree or quality: a strong emotion; strong motivation.
  • Having an intense or offensive effect on the senses: strong light; strong vinegar; strong cologne.
  • Clear and loud: a strong voice.
  • Readily noticeable; remarkable: a strong resemblance; a strong contrast.
  • Readily detected or received: a strong radio signal.
  • Having a high concentration of an essential or active ingredient: mixed a strong solution of bleach and water.
  • Containing a considerable percentage of alcohol: strong punch.
  • Powerfully effective: a strong painkiller.

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