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Hva er stock?

Hva er stock?

  • A supply accumulated for future use; a store.
  • The total merchandise kept on hand by a merchant, commercial establishment, warehouse, or manufacturer.
  • All the animals kept or raised on a farm; livestock.
  • The capital or fund that a corporation raises through the sale of shares entitling the stockholder to dividends and to other rights of ownership, such as voting rights.
  • The number of shares that each stockholder possesses.
  • A stock certificate.
  • The part of a tally or record of account formerly given to a creditor.
  • A debt symbolized by a tally.
  • The trunk or main stem of a tree or another plant.
  • A plant or stem onto which a graft is made.
  • A plant or tree from which cuttings and slips are taken.
  • The original progenitor of a family line.
  • The descendants of a common ancestor; a family line, especially of a specified character: comes from farming stock.
  • Ancestry or lineage; antecedents.
  • The type from which a group of animals or plants has descended.
  • A race, family, or other related group of animals or plants.
  • An ethnic group or other major division of the human race.
  • A group of related languages.
  • A group of related families of languages.
  • The raw material out of which something is made.
  • The broth in which meat, fish, bones, or vegetables are simmered for a relatively long period, used as a base in preparing soup, gravy, or sauces.
  • A main upright part, especially a supporting structure or block.
  • Nautical The timber frame that supports a ship during construction.
  • A frame in which a horse or other animal is held for shoeing or for veterinary treatment. Often used in the plural.
  • A device consisting of a heavy timber frame with holes for confining the ankles and sometimes the wrists, formerly used for punishment.

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