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Hvad er spin?

Hvad er spin?

  • To draw out and twist (fibers) into thread.
  • To form (thread or yarn) in this manner.
  • To form (a web or cocoon, for example) by extruding viscous filaments.
  • To make or produce by or as if by drawing out and twisting.
  • To relate or create: spun tales for the children.
  • To prolong or extend: spin out a visit with an old friend.
  • To cause to rotate swiftly; twirl.
  • To shape or manufacture by a twirling or rotating process.
  • To provide an interpretation of (a statement or event, for example), especially in a way meant to sway public opinion: "a messenger who spins bogus research into a vile theology of hatred” ( William A. Henry III).
  • Slang To play (a phonograph record or records), especially as a disc jockey.
  • To make thread or yarn by drawing out and twisting fibers.
  • To extrude viscous filaments, forming a web or cocoon.
  • To rotate rapidly; whirl. See Synonyms at turn.
  • To seem to be whirling, as from dizziness; reel: My head spun after doing a cartwheel.
  • To ride or drive rapidly.
  • To fish with a light rod, lure, and line and a reel with a stationary spool.
  • The act of spinning.
  • A swift whirling motion.
  • A state of mental confusion.
  • Informal A short drive in a vehicle: took a spin in the new car.
  • The flight condition of an aircraft in a nose-down, spiraling, stalled descent.
  • A distinctive point of view, emphasis, or interpretation: "Dryden . . . was adept at putting spin on an apparently neutral recital of facts” ( Robert M. Adams).
  • A distinctive character or style: an innovative chef who puts a new spin on traditional fare.
  • Physics The intrinsic angular momentum of a subatomic particle. Also called spin angular momentum.
  • Physics The total angular momentum of an atomic nucleus.

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