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Qué es speak?

Qué es speak?

  • To utter words or articulate sounds with ordinary speech modulation; talk.
  • To convey thoughts, opinions, or emotions orally.
  • To express oneself.
  • To be on speaking terms: They are no longer speaking.
  • To deliver an address or lecture: The mayor spoke at the rally.
  • To make a statement in writing: The biography speaks of great loneliness.
  • To act as spokesperson: spoke for the entire staff.
  • To convey a message by nonverbal means: Actions speak louder than words.
  • To be expressive: spoke with her eyes.
  • To be appealing: His poetry speaks to one's heart.
  • To make a reservation or request. Often used with for: Is this dance spoken for? I spoke for the last slice of pizza.
  • To produce a characteristic sound: The drums spoke.
  • To give off a sound on firing. Used of guns or cannon.
  • To make communicative sounds.
  • To give an indication or a suggestion: His manners spoke of good upbringing.
  • To articulate in a speaking voice: spoke words of wisdom.
  • To converse in or be able to converse in (a language): speaks German.
  • To express aloud; tell: speak the truth.
  • To express in writing.
  • Nautical To hail and communicate with (another vessel) at sea.
  • To convey by nonverbal means: His eyes spoke volumes.
  • speak out To talk freely and fearlessly, as about a public issue.
  • speak up To speak loud enough to be audible.
  • speak up To speak without fear or hesitation.
  • so to speak In a manner of speaking: can't see the forest for the trees, so to speak.

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