something: significato e definizioni

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Cos'è something?

Cos'è something?

  • An undetermined or unspecified thing: "We're all recalling something, furtively seeking something” ( Virginia Woolf).
  • An unspecified or undetermined amount or extent: We know something about the early settlers in this area.
  • One having some or many of the same attributes, character, or essence as another: Trying to fix the computer myself was something of a mistake.
  • A remarkable or important thing or person: He thinks he is something in that uniform.
  • One who falls into a specified age range. Often used in combination: fortysomethings who attended their class reunion.
  • Of, relating to, or being a member of a specified age range. Often used in combination: "the lives and loves of hip, twentysomething city dwellers” ( Joseph P. Kahn).
  • A little; somewhat: She looks something like her mother.
  • Informal To an extreme degree: He drinks something fierce.
  • something else Informal One that is very special or quite remarkable: Her new film is something else.

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