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Apa itu settle?

Apa itu settle?

  • To put into order; arrange or fix definitely as desired.
  • To put firmly into a desired position or place; establish.
  • To establish as a resident or residents: settled her family in Ohio.
  • To establish residence in; colonize: Pioneers settled the West.
  • To establish in a residence, business, or profession.
  • To restore calmness or comfort to.
  • To cause to sink, become compact, or come to rest.
  • To cause (a liquid) to become clear by forming a sediment.
  • To subdue or make orderly.
  • To establish on a permanent basis; stabilize.
  • To make compensation for (a claim).
  • To pay (a debt).
  • To conclude (a dispute, for example) by a final decision.
  • To decide (a lawsuit) by mutual agreement of the involved parties without court action.
  • Law To secure or assign (property or title) by legal action.
  • To discontinue moving and come to rest in one place.
  • To move downward; sink or descend, especially gradually: Darkness settled over the fields. Dust settled in the road.
  • To become clear by the sinking of suspended particles. Used of liquids.
  • To be separated from a solution or mixture as a sediment.
  • To become compact by sinking, as sediment when stirred up.
  • To establish one's residence: settled in Canada.
  • To become established or localized: The cold settled in my chest.
  • To reach a decision; determine: We finally settled on a solution to the problem. See Synonyms at decide.
  • To come to an agreement, especially to resolve a lawsuit out of court.
  • To provide compensation for a claim.

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