Definitions English


  • A handle or projection used as a hold or support.
  • A lug nut.
  • Nautical A lugsail.
  • A projecting part of a larger piece that helps to provide traction, as on a tire or the sole of a boot.
  • A copper or brass fitting to which electrical wires can be soldered or otherwise connected.
  • Slang A clumsy fool; a blockhead.
  • To drag or haul (an object) laboriously.
  • To pull or drag with short jerks.
  • To cause (an engine, for example) to run poorly or hesitate: If you drive too slowly in third gear, you'll lug the engine.
  • To pull something with difficulty; tug.
  • To move along by jerks or as if under a heavy burden.
  • To run poorly or hesitate because of strain. Used of an engine: The motor lugs on hills.
  • Archaic The act of lugging.
  • Archaic Something lugged.
  • A box for shipping fruit or vegetables.