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Was heißt rough?

Was heißt rough?

  • Having a surface marked by irregularities, protuberances, or ridges; not smooth.
  • Coarse or shaggy to the touch: a rough scratchy blanket.
  • Difficult to travel over or through: the rough terrain of the highlands.
  • Characterized by violent motion; turbulent: rough waters.
  • Difficult to endure or live through, especially because of harsh or inclement weather: a rough winter.
  • Unpleasant or difficult: had a rough time during the exam.
  • Boisterous, unruly, uncouth, or rowdy: ran with a rough crowd.
  • Lacking polish or finesse: rough manners.
  • Characterized by carelessness or force, as in manipulating: broke the crystal through rough handling.
  • Harsh to the ear: a rough raspy sound.
  • Being in a natural state: rough diamonds.
  • Not perfected, completed, or fully detailed: a rough drawing; rough carpentry.
  • Rugged overgrown terrain.
  • Sports The part of a golf course left unmowed and uncultivated.
  • The difficult or disagreeable aspect, part, or side: observed politics in the rough when working as an intern on Capitol Hill.
  • Something in an unfinished or hastily worked-out state.
  • A crude unmannered person; a rowdy.
  • To treat roughly or with physical violence: roughed up his opponent.
  • Sports To treat (an opposing player) with unnecessary roughness, often in violation of the rules: was ejected from the game for roughing the passer.
  • To prepare or indicate in an unfinished form: rough out a house plan.
  • In a rough manner; roughly: The engine began to run rough and faltered.
  • rough it To live without the usual comforts and conveniences: roughed it in a small hunting shack.

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