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Hva er render?

Hva er render?

  • To submit or present, as for consideration, approval, or payment: render a bill.
  • To give or make available; provide: render assistance.
  • To give what is due or owed: render thanks; rendered homage.
  • To give in return or retribution: He had to render an apology for his rudeness.
  • To surrender or relinquish; yield.
  • To represent in verbal form; depict: "Joyce has attempted . . . to render . . . what our participation in life is like” ( Edmund Wilson).
  • To represent in a drawing or painting, especially in perspective.
  • Computer Science To convert (graphics) from a file into visual form, as on a video display.
  • Music To perform an interpretation of (a musical piece, for example).
  • Music To arrange: rendered the composition for string quartet.
  • To express in another language or form; translate.
  • To deliver or pronounce formally: The jury has rendered its verdict.
  • To cause to become; make: The news rendered her speechless.
  • To reduce, convert, or melt down (fat) by heating.
  • To coat (brick, for example) with plaster or cement.
  • A payment in kind, services, or cash from a tenant to a feudal lord.

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