regard: ความหมายและคำอธิบายความหมาย


regard คืออะไร

regard คืออะไร

  • To look at attentively; observe closely.
  • To look upon or consider in a particular way: I regard him as a fool.
  • To hold in esteem or respect: She regards her teachers highly.
  • To relate or refer to; concern: This item regards their liability.
  • To take into account; consider.
  • Obsolete To take care of.
  • To look or gaze.
  • To give heed; pay attention.
  • A look or gaze.
  • Careful thought or attention; heed: She gives little regard to her sister's teasing.
  • Respect, affection, or esteem: He has high regard for your work.
  • Good wishes expressing such sentiment: Give the family my best regards.
  • A particular point or aspect; respect: She was lucky in that regard.
  • Basis for action; motive.
  • Obsolete Appearance or aspect.
  • as regards Concerning.
  • in With respect to.