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Co je range?

Co je range?

  • Extent of perception, knowledge, experience, or ability.
  • The area or sphere in which an activity takes place.
  • The full extent covered: within the range of possibilities.
  • An amount or extent of variation: a wide price range.
  • Music The gamut of tones that a voice or instrument is capable of producing. Also called compass.
  • The maximum extent or distance limiting operation, action, or effectiveness, as of a projectile, aircraft, radio signal, or sound.
  • The maximum distance that can be covered by a vehicle with a specified payload before its fuel supply is exhausted.
  • The distance between a projectile weapon and its target.
  • A place equipped for practice in shooting at targets.
  • Aerospace A testing area at which rockets and missiles are launched and tracked.
  • An extensive area of open land on which livestock wander and graze.
  • The geographic region in which a plant or animal normally lives or grows.
  • The act of wandering or roaming over a large area.
  • Mathematics The set of all values a given function may take on.
  • Statistics The difference or interval between the smallest and largest values in a frequency distribution.
  • A class, rank, or order: The candidate had broad support from the lower ranges of the party.
  • An extended group or series, especially a row or chain of mountains.
  • One of a series of double-faced bookcases in a library stack room.
  • A north-south strip of townships, each six miles square, numbered east and west from a specified meridian in a U.S. public land survey.
  • A stove with spaces for cooking a number of things at the same time.
  • To arrange or dispose in a particular order, especially in rows or lines.
  • To assign to a particular category; classify.
  • To align (a gun, for example) with a target.
  • To determine the distance of (a target).
  • To be capable of reaching (a maximum distance).

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