radioes: significato e definizioni

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Cos'è radioes?

Cos'è radioes?

  • Electromagnetic radiation with lower frequencies and longer wavelengths than those of microwaves, having frequencies lower than 300 megahertz and wavelengths longer than 1 meter.
  • The transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves within this range, especially when convertible to audible sounds: the use of radio in warfare. A device, such as a walkie-talkie, that transmits or receives such signals.
  • The system or industry that broadcasts programs of audio content to the public or subscribers by means of radio waves or over the internet: She was famous during the early days of radio. Audio content, especially short programs or sets of songs, created for or distributed through such a system: listening to radio. An electronic device for listening to radio programming, consisting of a tuner and speakers.
  • To transmit by radio: radio a message to headquarters.
  • To transmit a message to by radio: radioed the spacecraft.

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