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O que é public?

O que é public?

  • Of, concerning, or affecting the community or the people: the public good.
  • Maintained for or used by the people or community: a public park.
  • Capitalized in shares of stock that can be traded on the open market: a public company.
  • Participated in or attended by the people or community: "Opinions are formed in a process of open discussion and public debate” ( Hannah Arendt).
  • Connected with or acting on behalf of the people, community, or government: public office.
  • Enrolled in or attending a public school: transit passes for public students.
  • Open to the knowledge or judgment of all: a public scandal.
  • The community or the people as a whole.
  • A group of people sharing a common interest: the reading public.
  • Admirers or followers, especially of a famous person. See Usage Note at collective noun.
  • go public To become publicly owned, by launching shares of stock onto the open market: The company went public after having been closely held for 12 years.
  • go public with Informal To reveal to the public a previously unknown or secret piece of information: The president finally had to go public with the scandal.
  • in public In such a way as to be visible to the scrutiny of the people: "A career is born in public—talent in privacy” ( Marilyn Monroe).

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