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O que é produce?

O que é produce?

  • To bring forth; yield: a plant that produces pink flowers.
  • To create by physical or mental effort: produce a tapestry; produce a poem.
  • To manufacture: factories that produce cars and trucks.
  • To cause to occur or exist; give rise to: chemicals that produce a noxious vapor when mixed.
  • To bring forth; exhibit: reached into a pocket and produced a packet of matches; failed to produce an eyewitness to the crime.
  • To supervise and finance the making and public presentation of: produce a stage play; produce a videotape.
  • Mathematics To extend (an area or volume) or lengthen (a line).
  • To make or yield products or a product: an apple tree that produces well.
  • To manufacture or create economic goods and services.
  • Something produced; a product.
  • Farm products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, considered as a group.

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