presentation: significato e definizioni

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Cos'è presentation?

Cos'è presentation?

  • The action of presenting something: the presentation of awards. The style or manner with which something is offered for consideration or display:"These truths are not amenable to scientific presentation"(Karen Armstrong).
  • Something that is presented, especially: A theatrical or cinematic production. A demonstration, lecture, or speech: gave a presentation on drug abuse.
  • A formal introduction of someone to others, as at court.
  • Ecclesiastical The act or right of naming a cleric to a benefice.
  • Medicine The position of the fetus in the uterus at birth with respect to the mouth of the uterus. A symptom or sign or a group of symptoms or signs that is evident during a medical examination: The patient's presentation was consistent with a viral illness. The fact of being evident or manifest. Used of a disease or condition: the presentation of thyroid disease during pregnancy.

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