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Co je pots?

Co je pots?

  • Any of various usually domestic containers made of pottery, metal, or glass, as: A round, fairly deep cooking vessel with a handle and often a lid. A short round container for storing or serving food: a jam pot; a mustard pot. A coffeepot. A teapot.
  • Such a container and its contents: a pot of stew; brewed a pot of coffee. A potful.
  • A large drinking cup; a tankard. A drink of liquor contained in such a cup.
  • An artistic or decorative ceramic vessel of any shape.
  • A flowerpot.
  • Something, such as a chimney pot or chamber pot, that resembles a round cooking vessel in appearance or function.
  • A trap for eels, other fish, or crustaceans, typically consisting of a wicker or wire basket or cage.
  • Games The total amount staked by all the players in one hand in cards. The area on a card table where stakes are placed. A shot in billiards or related games intended to send a ball into a pocket.
  • Informal A common fund to which members of a group contribute.
  • often Informal A large amount: lost a pot of cash in the stock market crash; made pots of money on their investment.
  • Informal A potshot.
  • Informal A potbelly.
  • Informal A potty or toilet.
  • See potentiometer.
  • To place or plant in a pot: pot a geranium.
  • To preserve (food) in a pot.
  • To cook in a pot.
  • To shoot (game) for food rather than for sport.
  • Informal To shoot with a potshot.
  • Informal To win or capture; bag.
  • Games To hit (a ball) into a pocket.
  • Informal To take a potshot.
  • To make or shape objects from clay, as on a potter's wheel.

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