pilot: significato e definizioni

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Cos'è pilot?

Cos'è pilot?

  • One who operates or is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight.
  • Nautical One who, though not belonging to a ship's company, is licensed to conduct a ship into and out of port or through dangerous waters.
  • Nautical The helmsman of a ship.
  • One who guides or directs a course of action for others.
  • The part of a tool, device, or machine that leads or guides the whole.
  • A pilot light, as in a stove.
  • A television program produced as a prototype of a series being considered for adoption by a network.
  • To serve as the pilot of.
  • To steer or control the course of. See Synonyms at guide.
  • Serving as a tentative model for future experiment or development: a pilot project.
  • Serving or leading as guide.

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