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Co je pause?

Co je pause?

  • A temporary cessation.
  • To cease or suspend an action temporarily.
  • To linger; tarry: paused for a while under the huge oak tree.
  • To hesitate: He paused before replying.
  • To cease or suspend the action of temporarily; stop for an interim: "Once a movie [ordered on demand] begins, it can be paused but not rewound or fast-forwarded” ( George Judson).
  • A delay or suspended reaction, as from uncertainty; a hesitation: After a pause the audience broke into cheers.
  • A break, stop, or rest, often for a calculated purpose or effect: After a dramatic pause, the lawyer finished her summation.
  • Music A sign indicating that a note or rest is to be held.
  • A break or rest in a line of poetry; a caesura.
  • Reason for hesitation: The immensity of the task gives one pause.

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