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Was heißt outside?

Was heißt outside?

  • The part or parts that face out; the outer surface.
  • The part or side of an object that is presented to the viewer; the external aspect.
  • Outward aspect or appearance: "You'll never persuade me that I can't tell what men are by their outsides” ( George Eliot).
  • The space beyond a boundary or limit.
  • Sports A position at a distance from the inside or center, as of a playing field or racetrack.
  • The utmost limit; the maximum: We'll be leaving in ten days at the outside.
  • Of, relating to, or being on or near the outer side; outer: the outside margin.
  • Of, restricted to, or situated on the outer side of an enclosure or a boundary; external: an outside door lock; an outside antenna.
  • Located away from the inside or center: the outside traffic lane.
  • Acting, occurring, originating, or being at a place beyond certain limits: knew little of the outside world.
  • Gaining or providing access to the external side: an outside telephone line.
  • Not belonging to or originating in a certain group or association: requested outside assistance; deplored outside interference.
  • Being beyond the limits of one's usual work or responsibilities: My outside interests are skiing and sailing.
  • Extreme, uttermost: The costs have exceeded even our outside estimates.
  • Very unlikely; remote: only an outside possibility of winning the tournament.
  • Baseball Passing on the side of home plate away from the batter. Used of a pitch.
  • On or to the outer or external side.
  • Outdoors.
  • On or to the outer or external side of: saw someone outside the window.
  • Beyond the limits of: a little place outside the city.
  • With the exception of; except: We have no other information outside the figures already given.

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