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other nedir?

other nedir?

  • Of a different character or quality: "a strange, other dimension . . . where his powers seemed to fail” ( Lance Morrow).
  • Being the remaining one of two or more: the other ear.
  • Being the remaining ones of several: His other books are still in storage.
  • Different from that or those implied or specified: Any other person would tell the truth.
  • Of a different time or era either future or past: other centuries; other generations.
  • Additional; extra: I have no other shoes.
  • Opposite or contrary; reverse: the other side.
  • Alternate; second: every other day.
  • Of the recent past: just the other day.
  • The remaining one of two or more: One took a taxi, and the other walked home.
  • The remaining ones of several: After her departure the others resumed the discussion.
  • A different person or thing: one hurricane after the other.
  • An additional person or thing: How many others will come later?
  • A different or an additional person or thing: We'll get someone or other to replace him.
  • People aside from oneself: "the eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages” ( Virginia Woolf).
  • In another way; otherwise; differently: The car performed other than perfectly.

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