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O que é order?

O que é order?

  • A condition of logical or comprehensible arrangement among the separate elements of a group.
  • A condition of methodical or prescribed arrangement among component parts such that proper functioning or appearance is achieved: checked to see that the shipping department was in order.
  • Condition or state in general: The escalator is in good working order.
  • The established system of social organization: "Every revolution exaggerates the evils of the old order” ( C. Wright Mills).
  • A condition in which freedom from disorder or disruption is maintained through respect for established authority: finally restored order in the rebellious provinces.
  • A sequence or arrangement of successive things: changed the order of the files.
  • The prescribed form or customary procedure: the order of worship.
  • An authoritative indication to be obeyed; a command or direction.
  • A command given by a superior military officer requiring obedience, as in the execution of a task.
  • Formal written instructions to report for military duty at a specified time and place.
  • A commission or instruction to buy, sell, or supply something.
  • That which is supplied, bought, or sold.
  • A request made by a customer at a restaurant for a portion of food.
  • The food requested.
  • Law A direction or command delivered by a court or other adjudicative body and entered into the record but not necessarily included in the final judgment or verdict.
  • Ecclesiastical Any of several grades of the Christian ministry: the order of priesthood.
  • Ecclesiastical The rank of an ordained Christian minister or priest. Often used in the plural.
  • Ecclesiastical The sacrament or rite of ordination. Often used in the plural.
  • Any of the nine grades or choirs of angels.
  • A group of persons living under a religious rule: Order of Saint Benedict.
  • An organization of people united by a common fraternal bond or social aim.
  • A group of people upon whom a government or sovereign has formally conferred honor for unusual service or merit, entitling them to wear a special insignia: the Order of the Garter.
  • The insignia worn by such people.
  • A social class. Often used in the plural: the lower orders.
  • A class defined by the common attributes of its members; a kind.

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