open: 意味と定義




  • Affording unobstructed entrance and exit; not shut or closed.
  • Affording unobstructed passage or view: open waters; the open countryside.
  • Having no protecting or concealing cover: an open wound; an open sports car.
  • Completely obvious; blatant: open disregard of the law.
  • Carried on in full view: open warfare; open family strife.
  • Sports Not closely defended by an opponent: an open receiver.
  • Not sealed or tied: an open package.
  • Spread out; unfolded: an open book.
  • Having interspersed gaps, spaces, or intervals: open ranks; an open weave.
  • Accessible to all; unrestricted as to participants: an open competition.
  • Free from limitations, boundaries, or restrictions: open registration.
  • Enterable by registered voters regardless of political affiliation: an open primary.
  • Computer Science Of or relating to a file that can be accessed.
  • Lacking effective regulation: an open town in which gambling predominated.
  • Not legally repressed: open drug trafficking.
  • Susceptible; vulnerable: open to interpretation; an issue that is open to question.
  • Willing to consider or deal with something: open to suggestions.
  • Available; obtainable: The job is still open.
  • Available for use: an open account; the only course open to us.
  • Ready to transact business: The store is open.
  • Not engaged or filled: has an open hour for emergency cases.
  • Not yet decided; subject to further thought: an open question.
  • Characterized by lack of pretense or reserve; candid: Please be open with me. See Synonyms at frank1.
  • Free of prejudice; receptive to new ideas and arguments: She listened to the proposal with an open mind.
  • Generous: He is very open with his time.