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Vad är number?

Vad är number?

  • Mathematics A member of the set of positive integers; one of a series of symbols of unique meaning in a fixed order that can be derived by counting.
  • Mathematics A member of any of the further sets of mathematical objects, such as negative integers and real numbers.
  • Arithmetic.
  • A symbol or word used to represent a number.
  • A numeral or a series of numerals used for reference or identification: his telephone number; the apartment number.
  • A position in an ordered sequence that corresponds to one of the positive integers: the house that is number three from the corner; ranked number six in her class.
  • One item in a group or series considered to be in numerical order: an old number of a magazine.
  • A total; a sum: the number of feet in a mile.
  • An indefinite quantity of units or individuals: The crowd was small in number. A number of people complained.
  • A large quantity; a multitude: Numbers of people visited the fair.
  • Numerical superiority: The South had leaders, the North numbers.
  • Grammar The indication, as by inflection, of the singularity, duality, or plurality of a linguistic form.
  • Metrical feet or lines; verses: "These numbers will I tear, and write in prose” ( Shakespeare).
  • Obsolete Poetic meter.
  • Archaic Musical periods or measures.
  • Games A numbers game.
  • See Table at Bible.
  • One of the separate offerings in a program of music or other entertainment: The band's second number was a march.
  • Slang A frequently repeated, characteristic speech, argument, or performance: suspects doing their usual number—protesting innocence.
  • Slang A person or thing singled out for a particular characteristic: a crafty number.
  • To assign a number to.
  • To determine the number or amount of; count.
  • To total in number or amount; add up to.
  • To include in a group or category: He was numbered among the lost.
  • To mention one by one; enumerate.

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