Definitions English

  • A natural or proper position, place, or stage: I finally found my own level in the business world.
  • Positie langs een verticale as; hoogte of diepte: een platform op het niveau van de knie.
    Position along a vertical axis; height or depth: a platform at knee level.
  • Een horizontale lijn of een vlak loodrecht op de plumb.
    A horizontal line or plane at right angles to the plumb.
  • De positie of hoogte van een dergelijke lijn of vlak.
    The position or height of such a line or plane.
  • A flat, horizontal surface.
  • A land area of uniform elevation.
  • An instrument for ascertaining whether a surface is horizontal, vertical, or at a 45° angle, consisting essentially of an encased, liquid-filled tube containing an air bubble that moves to a center window when the instrument is set on an even plane. Also called spirit level.
  • Such a device combined with a telescope and used in surveying.
  • A computation of the difference in elevation between two points by using such a device.
  • Having a flat, smooth surface.
  • Being on a horizontal plane.
  • Being at the same height or position as another; even.
  • Being at the same degree of rank, standing, or advantage as another; equal.
  • Being or relating to a specified rank or standing. Often used in combination: a lower-level administrator.
  • Exhibiting no abrupt variations; steady: spoke in a level tone.
  • Rational and balanced; sensible: came to a level appraisal of the situation; keeps a level head in an emergency.
  • Filled evenly to the top: a level tablespoon of the medicine.
  • To make horizontal, flat, or even: leveled the driveway with a roller; leveled off the hedges with the clippers.
  • To tear down; raze.
  • To knock down with or as if with a blow: The challenger leveled the champion with a mighty uppercut.
  • To place on the same level; equalize.
  • To aim along a horizontal plane: leveled the gun at the target.
  • To direct emphatically or forcefully toward someone: leveled charges of dishonesty.