murder: 意味と定義




  • The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice.
  • Slang Something that is very uncomfortable, difficult, or hazardous: The rush hour traffic is murder.
  • A flock of crows. See Synonyms at flock1.
  • To kill (another human) unlawfully.
  • To kill brutally or inhumanly.
  • To put an end to; destroy: murdered their chances.
  • To spoil by ineptness; mutilate: a speech that murdered the English language.
  • Slang To defeat decisively; trounce.
  • To commit murder.
  • get away with murder Informal To escape punishment for or detection of an egregiously blameworthy act.
  • murder will out Secrets or misdeeds will eventually be disclosed.