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motion nedir?

motion nedir?

  • The act or process of changing position or place.
  • A meaningful or expressive change in the position of the body or a part of the body; a gesture.
  • Active operation: set the plan in motion.
  • The ability or power to move: lost motion in his arm.
  • The manner in which the body moves, as in walking.
  • A prompting from within; an impulse or inclination: resigned of her own motion.
  • Music Melodic ascent and descent of pitch.
  • Law An application made to a court for an order or a ruling.
  • A formal proposal put to the vote under parliamentary procedures.
  • A mechanical device or piece of machinery that moves or causes motion; a mechanism.
  • The movement or action of such a device.
  • To direct by making a gesture: motioned us to our seats.
  • To signal by making a gesture: motioned to her to enter.
  • go through the motions To do something in a mechanical manner indicative of a lack of interest or involvement.

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