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living nedir?

living nedir?

  • Possessing life: famous living painters; transplanted living tissue.
  • In active function or use: a living language.
  • Of persons who are alive: events within living memory.
  • Relating to the routine conduct or maintenance of life: improved living conditions in the city.
  • Full of life, interest, or vitality: made history a living subject.
  • True to life; realistic: the living image of her mother.
  • Informal Used as an intensive: beat the living hell out of his opponent in the boxing match.
  • The condition or action of maintaining life: the high cost of living.
  • A manner or style of life: preferred plain living.
  • A means of maintaining life; livelihood: made their living by hunting.
  • Chiefly British A church benefice, including the revenue attached to it.

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