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Hva er layer?

Hva er layer?

  • One that lays: a tile layer.
  • A hen kept for laying eggs.
  • A single thickness of a material covering a surface or forming an overlying part or segment: a layer of dust on the windowsill; a cake with four layers.
  • A usually horizontal deposit or expanse; a stratum: layers of sedimentary rock; a layer of warm air.
  • A depth or level: a poem with several layers of meaning.
  • Botany A stem that is covered with soil for rooting while still part of the living plant.
  • An item of clothing worn over or under another.
  • To divide or form into layers: layered gravel and charcoal to make a filter.
  • To cut (hair) into different, usually overlapping lengths.
  • Botany To propagate (a plant) by means of a layer.
  • To wear (clothing) in layers.
  • To form or come apart as layers.
  • Botany To take root as a result of layering.

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