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Vad är inversiones?

Vad är inversiones?

  • The act of inverting. The state of being inverted.
  • An interchange of position of adjacent objects in a sequence, especially a change in normal word order, such as the placement of a verb before its subject.
  • Music A rearrangement of tones in which the upper and lower voices of a melody are transposed, as in counterpoint. A rearrangement of tones in which each interval in a single melody is applied in the opposite direction. An arrangement of the tones of a chord such that the root is not the lowest pitch, as in the rearrangement of the C-major triad CEG to EGC.
  • Psychology In early psychology, behavior or attitudes in an individual considered typical of the opposite sex, including sexual attraction to members of one's own sex. No longer in technical use.
  • Chemistry Conversion of a substance in which the direction of optical rotation is reversed, from the dextrorotatory to the levorotatory or from the levorotatory to the dextrorotatory form.
  • Meteorology An atmospheric condition in which the air temperature rises with increasing altitude, holding surface air down and preventing dispersion of pollutants.
  • Genetics A chromosomal rearrangement in which a segment of the chromosome breaks off and reattaches in the reverse direction.

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