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Hvad er interest?

Hvad er interest?

  • A state of curiosity or concern about or attention to something: an interest in sports.
  • Something, such as a quality, subject, or activity, that evokes this mental state: counts the theater among his interests.
  • Regard for one's own benefit or advantage; self-interest. Often used in the plural: It is in your best interest to cooperate. She kept her own interests in mind.
  • A right, claim, or legal share: an interest in the new company.
  • Something in which such a right, claim, or share is held: has interests overseas.
  • A person or group of persons holding such a right, claim, or share: a petroleum interest.
  • Involvement with or participation in something: She has an interest in the quality of her education.
  • A charge for a loan, usually a percentage of the amount loaned.
  • An excess or bonus beyond what is expected or due.
  • An interest group.
  • The particular cause supported by an interest group.
  • To arouse the curiosity or hold the attention of: Your opinions interest me.
  • To cause to become involved or concerned with: tried to interest her in taking a walk.
  • Obsolete To concern or affect.
  • interest To the advantage of; for the sake of: thinking in the interest of the whole family; ate breakfast on the train in the interest of time.

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