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hollow nedir?

hollow nedir?

  • Having a cavity, gap, or space within: a hollow wall.
  • Deeply indented or concave; sunken: "His bearded face already has a set, hollow look” ( Conor Cruise O'Brien).
  • Without substance or character: a hollow person. See Synonyms at vain.
  • Devoid of truth or validity; specious: "Theirs is at best a hollow form of flattery” ( Annalyn Swan).
  • Having a reverberating, sepulchral sound: hollow footsteps.
  • A cavity, gap, or space: a hollow behind a wall.
  • An indented or concave surface or area.
  • A void; an emptiness: a hollow in one's life.
  • A small valley between mountains.
  • To make hollow: hollow out a pumpkin.
  • To scoop or form by making concave: hollow out a nest in the sand.
  • To become hollow or empty.

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