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What is gross?

What is gross?

  • Exclusive of deductions; total: gross profits. See Synonyms at whole.
  • Unmitigated in any way; utter: gross incompetence.
  • Glaringly obvious: gross injustice. See Synonyms at flagrant.
  • Brutishly coarse, as in behavior; crude: "It is futile to expect a hungry and squalid population to be anything but violent and gross” ( Thomas H. Huxley).
  • Offensive; disgusting.
  • Lacking sensitivity or discernment; unrefined:
  • Carnal; sensual.
  • Overweight; corpulent.
  • Dense; profuse.
  • Broad; general: the gross outlines of a plan.
  • The entire body or amount, as of income, before necessary deductions have been made.
  • A group of 144 items; 12 dozen.
  • To earn as a total income or profit before deductions.
  • gross out Slang To fill with disgust; nauseate: "The trick in making a family film . . . is finding ways to interest grown-ups without boring, confusing, or grossing out the younger set” ( Christian Science Monitor).

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