gridding: pengertian dan definisi

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Apa itu gridding?

Apa itu gridding?

  • A framework of crisscrossed or parallel bars; a grating or mesh. A cooking surface of parallel metal bars; a gridiron.
  • Something resembling a framework of crisscrossed parallel bars, as in rigidity or organization: The city's streets form a grid.
  • A pattern of regularly spaced horizontal and vertical lines forming squares on a map, a chart, an aerial photograph, or an optical device, used as a reference for locating points.
  • Electricity An interconnected system for the distribution of electricity or electromagnetic signals over a wide area, especially a network of high-tension cables and power stations. A corrugated or perforated conducting plate in a storage battery.
  • Football The gridiron.
  • Sports The starting positions of cars on a racecourse.

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