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Vad är grand?

Vad är grand?

  • Large and impressive in size, scope, or extent; magnificent: The bridge that crosses the bay is a grand structure.
  • Rich and sumptuous: A grand meal was laid before them.
  • Of a solemn, stately, or splendid nature.
  • Dignified or noble in appearance or effect: a grand old face that bespeaks suffering but not defeat.
  • Noble or admirable in conception or intent: a grand purpose.
  • Lofty or sublime in character: a speech delivered in the grand style of the great orators.
  • Wonderful or very pleasing: had a grand time.
  • Having higher rank than others of the same category: a grand admiral.
  • Having more importance than others; principal: the grand ballroom of a hotel.
  • Of a haughty or pretentious nature.
  • Including or covering all units or aspects: the grand total.
  • A grand piano.
  • Slang A thousand dollars: sold the car for six grand.

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