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What is gain?

What is gain?

  • To come into possession or use of; acquire: gained a small fortune in real estate; gained vital information about the enemy's plans.
  • To attain in competition or struggle; win: gained a decisive victory; gained control of the company.
  • To obtain through effort or merit; achieve: gain recognition; gain a hearing for the proposal.
  • To secure as profit or reward; earn: gain a living; gain extra credits in school.
  • To manage to achieve an increase of: a movement that gained strength; gained wisdom with age.
  • To increase by (a specific amount): gained 15 pounds; the market gained 30 points.
  • To come to; reach: gained the top of the mountain. See Synonyms at reach.
  • To become fast by (a specified amount of time). Used of a timepiece: My watch gains four minutes a day.
  • To increase; grow: gained in experience and maturity; a painting that gained in value.
  • To become better; improve: gaining in health.
  • To obtain a profit or advantage; benefit: stood to gain politically by his opponent's blunder.
  • To close a gap; get closer: The runners in the back gained steadily on the leader.
  • To increase a lead.
  • To put on weight: I began to gain when I went off my diet.
  • To operate or run fast. Used of a timepiece.
  • Something gained or acquired: territorial gains.
  • Progress; advancement: The country made economic gains under the new government.
  • The act of acquiring; attainment.
  • An increase in amount or degree: a gain in operating income.
  • Electronics An increase in signal power, voltage, or current by an amplifier, expressed as the ratio of output to input. Also called amplification.
  • gain ground To progress, advance, or increase: Stock prices gained ground yesterday.
  • gain time To run too fast. Used of a timepiece.
  • gain time To delay or prolong something until a desired event occurs.
  • A notch or mortise cut into a board to receive another part.
  • To cut out a gain in.

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