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Hva er front?

Hva er front?

  • The forward part or surface, as of a building.
  • The area, location, or position directly before or ahead.
  • A position of leadership or superiority.
  • The forehead or face, especially of a bird or other animal.
  • Demeanor or bearing, especially in the presence of danger or difficulty.
  • An outward, often feigned, appearance or manner: They put up a good front.
  • Land bordering a lake, river, or street.
  • A promenade along the water at a resort.
  • A detachable part of a man's dress shirt covering the chest; a dickey.
  • The most forward line of a combat force.
  • The area of contact between opposing combat forces; a battlefront.
  • Meteorology The interface between air masses of different temperatures or densities.
  • A field of activity: the economic front.
  • A group or movement uniting various individuals or organizations for the achievement of a common purpose; a coalition.
  • A nominal leader lacking in real authority; a figurehead.
  • An apparently respectable person, group, or business used as a cover for secret or illegal activities.
  • Archaic The first part; the beginning.
  • Archaic The face; the countenance.
  • Of, relating to, aimed at, or located in the front: the front lines; the front row; front property on Lake Tahoe.
  • Linguistics Designating vowels produced at or toward the front of the oral cavity, such as the vowels of green and get.
  • To look out on; face: a house that fronts the ocean.
  • To meet in opposition; confront.
  • To provide a front for.
  • To serve as a front for.
  • Music To lead (a group of musicians): "Goodman . . . became the first major white bandleader to front an integrated group” ( Bill Barol).

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