Definitions English

  • Lesser in seriousness or danger: a minor injury.
  • Droit étant sous l'âge légal ; pas encore un adulte légal.
    Law Being under legal age; not yet a legal adult.
  • Chiefly British Relating to or being the younger or junior of two pupils with the same surname.
  • Of or relating to a secondary area of academic specialization.
  • Logic Dealing with a more restricted category.
  • Music Relating to or being a minor scale.
  • Music Less in distance by a half step than the corresponding major interval.
  • Music Based on a minor scale: a minor key.
  • One that is lesser in comparison with others of the same class.
  • Law One who has not reached full legal age.
  • A secondary area of specialized academic study, requiring fewer courses or credits than a major.
  • One studying in a secondary area of specialization: She is a physics minor.
  • Logic A minor premise.
  • Logic A minor term.
  • Music A minor key, scale, or interval.
  • Sports The minor leagues of a sport, especially baseball.
  • To pursue academic studies in a minor field: minored in music.